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Mrs. Iti Gupta Anish is a visionary force behind the inception of IARA Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Armed with an MBA in finance and a wealth of experience in academia, she brings a unique blend of financial acumen and educational expertise to the table.

Right from the outset, Iti has been an integral part of shaping the dream that is IARA Foods. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is a culinary virtuoso, honing her skills as an adept chef by choice. This fusion of financial prowess, educational proficiency, and culinary artistry underscores her multifaceted approach to the venture. Her unwavering commitment to quality and innovation is not only a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit but also a driving force behind the company's mission to provide wholesome multigrain products to families worldwide. Her dedication, coupled with her diverse skill set, is a cornerstone of IARA Food Products' success.

Iti Gupta Anish

Co-Founder & Director


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