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Managing Director

Anish Mathew, the enterprising Managing Director of IARA Food Products Private Limited, is a seasoned professional with over 22 years of invaluable experience in the food processing industry.

Known for his tireless work ethic and hands-on approach, Anish is not one to shy away from rolling up his sleeves and diving headfirst into any challenge. His impatience for the status quo fuels his innovative thinking, consistently propelling IARA Foods to new heights. Anish possesses an exceptional talent for uniting diverse talents, harnessing their collective strength towards achieving ambitious goals. This collaborative leadership style, rooted in visionary thinking, sets the tone for IARA Food Products' steadfast commitment to providing wholesome multigrain products not only for adults but for kids alike. Anish's vision transcends borders, aspiring to make nutrition accessible and affordable not only in India but across the globe. Under his guidance, the company emerges as a beacon of quality, affordability, and innovation, poised to nourish communities far and wide.

Anish Mathew

Co-Founder & Managing Director


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